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For 22+ years I have been advising and serving for profit businesses as a business advisor and banker.  During that time i always made time to volunteer for nonprofits, and served many in different capacities.  I learned the nonprofit professional challenges and goals, and their needs and wants.  Most of my spare time is focused on contributing to the nonprofit community for the past few years.  I launched Veventize with a partner this year, to support more nonprofits.  Our model is simple, sustainable, and innovative.  Our nonprofit clients create their own online marketplace with donated items, and sell through social media and email campaigns to raise money and awareness.  Veventize enables your fundraising to go global with no upfront costs or risks, and a high return on sales of donated items.  We enable all of your corporate partners to donate any time, not just for raffles and auction events.  Business donors get #causemarketing and you raise money.  Your individual supporters get widened as they #shop4yourcause.   feeling great knowing high proceeds went to your cause.  We provide a WIN for all.  Review our videos at  Contact me for a demo, or signup and schedule your training session, and signup for our VeventizeVolunteers program.