NPD 2023

NEW Youth in Philanthropy Program Launched!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our very first Youth in Philanthropy program!

This initiative, in partnership with the PALS program at Seaside Park Elementary School, is set to empower the next generation of philanthropists by fostering the spirit of giving, volunteerism, and community engagement.

In their first session, students built their own "Houses of Philanthropy"
and jotted down ideas for giving back and the ways they want to help others.
Under the direction of Anthony Enman, a member of the AFPNB Chapter’s Board of Directors, and in collaboration with the PALS program at Seaside Park Elementary School, the Youth in Philanthropy program will introduce young people to the world of charitable giving and community support. Students will embark on an enlightening journey of social responsibility, learning about the importance of philanthropy and the various ways they can make a positive difference in their community.
The Youth in Philanthropy program will provide students with opportunities to actively engage in projects and initiatives that address local needs, promoting a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and an understanding of the profound impact they can have on the world around them.
“Participating students will take part in monthly activities designed to shape their outlook on philanthropy and community service,” said Anthony Enman. “Our hope is to inspire a lifelong commitment to giving and making a positive difference.”

Program Schedule

October Fundamentals of Fundraising for Kids
Activity: Using popsicle sticks, students will build the house of philanthropy in a piece of paper.

November The importance of giving back.
Activity: Students will bake cookies to donate to Romero House. 
December Volunteering: How can you give back?
Activity: Facilitator will work with the community schools coordinator to identify an opportunity for
the students to volunteer in the community.

January What is a Fundraiser?
Activity: The students will participate in a “mock” fundraiser, using monopoly style money.

February The importance of “Thank You”
Activity: Students will create thank you cards to hand out to “donors” at their fundraiser.

March Preparing for your Fundraiser
Activity: The students will prepare their materials (signage, etc) for their fundraiser.

April Host Fundraiser
Activity: Students will host their fundraiser, raising funds for their charity of choice.

May Presentation Day
Activity: Students will travel to and present their funds raised to their charity of choice.